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Our Services

  • We offer in studio at our Deep Elum studio and on location services.
  • We recommend all outdoor shooting to be in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the Texas heat. We do offer portable lights to be used indoor or outdoors and on location.
  • Please come to your session prepared and on time so as to maximize your number of images. I always suggest having makeup and clothing ready to go when you arrive so we can start right away.
  • Sessions:

    Before anything else, I want to spend some time getting to know you and or your family, partner, or friends. I always recommend a care free consultation session so we know each other prior to the shoot. The consultation allows us also to collaborate on what type of images you may be looking for.

    Establishing a personal connection and gaining your trust and the trust of your family sets the stage for a fun and successful session.

    If the session is in your home, I will explore the lighting and location possibilities. Don't

    be surprised if I suggest things like moving furniture around or piling the whole family

    on a bed. Sometimes great images happen in strange locations.

    During the session I will guide you into locations and groupings I think will make a great capture. I will make some suggestions if needed, I will goof off with your children, I will encourage you to interact. Most importantly, I

    will be ready for something special to happen. Most importantly plan to have FUN!!

    Preparing Children:

    I can't emphasize this enough: don't over-prepare your kids. If anything, you might

    simply tell them they are going to have pictures taken while they are having fun -- and we

    will have fun! During the session, please relax, pull back and let me take over. I am used

    to dealing with shy children, spirited children and everything in between. I will adjust

    my approach to match each child's mood and give them any needed direction and

    jncouragement. And if I do need your help, I won't hesitate to ask.

    Many parents worry that their children will not behave appropriately during the photo

    session. This worry is almost always unfounded. A child who is being herself is

    behaving appropriately. Silliness, sassiness and even shyness are all perfectly normal and

    can make for engaging photographs.

    What to wear:

    Be dressed how you feel natural. What would you wear to meet an old

    friend or a casual lunch or dinner? Wear clothing that reflects you! Clothing that that is

    comfortable, and that above all makes you feel good. For children, consider jeans,

    cargos, colorful t-shirts, funky tops or playful dresses. Casual shoes or even bare feet are


    If you want a classical look let’s talk before hand as we can come up with some very creative, fun ideas that can mix casual and classic looks.

    Feel free to bring several clothing options to your session. If we are meeting in your

    home, I am happy to help you decide what to wear.


    Your proof images will be available to view about 2 weeks after your session.

    Once image proofs are complete I will meet with you in our office to go over your images and help you decide which products meet your needs. My clients find this in- person service invaluable to selecting the right prints, wall art or albums to fit their lifestyle and complete their boutique photography experience.

    I also encourage clients to provide a digital picture of any wall space where they may want to hang images. This gives me the ability to show you the right images and sizes for your space.